Worried about financial security and family health these days? Money is always been a concerned while thinking about investment. Here’s how you can plan smartly within very limited expenditure. We are going through a difficult phase due to covid 19. Lets do some planning and feel bit relaxed and enjoy quality time with your family.

  • HDFC Life Capital Guarantee Solution

Capital Guarantee Solution
Your premium is 100% guaranteed
Get upside of market returns without risk to your capital
Get Tax Benefit under Section 80(C) and Section 10(10D)

Plan Name: Capital Guarantee Solution
Policy Term: 20 Years
Pay Term: 10
YearsPremium(Ex-GST): 2,500
Service Tax: 53
Total Invested Amount Monthly: 2,553
Maturity Value: 13,77,606 INR

  • HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth (ULIP PLAN)

Plan Name: Click 2 Wealth
Policy Term: 20 Years
Pay Term: 20 Years
Life Cover: 3,00,000 INR
Amount Invested Monthly: 2,500 INR
Maturity Value @ 8%: 11,78,300 INR
Maturity Value @ 14.4 %: 26,42,619 INR
Total Approx Maturity Value: 26.4 Lakh

  • Bajaj Allianz Life Future Gain (ULIP PLAN)

Plan Name: Future Gain
Policy Term: 20 Years
Pay Term: 20 Years
Amount Invested Monthly: 2,500
Maturity Value @ 8%: 11,34,634 INR
Maturity Value @ 15.95 %: 30,81,702 INR
Total Approx Maturity Amount: 30.8 Lakh

  • Term Plan: This plan does not return you anything. This is to secure your family, in case of uncertain death

Plan Name: Bajaj Allianz life Smart Protect Goal
Illustration Age: 30 years
Tax Benefit: Save Tax on 80C/80D
Life Cover : 50 Lakh (50 Lakh is fair amount for a middle class people considering other existing policies already have some coverage)
Cover For : 85 years (Always keep it at higher side)
Pay For : 85 years (Better to keep at higer side to mimimize the premium)
Premium Amount Monthly: 636 INR (Shift to annually to save some amount on policy premium)

Health Policy: This is specially for your parents. Your company does not cover it at free of cost. Even you take out from company it charges you double
Policy Name: Health Suraksha Silver
Sum Insured: 5 Lakh (Claim up to 5 lakh in case of higher hopitalization including covid 19)
Premium Amount Monthly: 1130 INR
Term : 1 year (Renew every year)
Illustration Age: 55 years
Tax Benefit: 80 D

Term : 1 year (Renew every year)
Illustration Age: 55 years
Tax Benefit: 80 D

Top Features:

Hospital Room Eligibility: Can choose any room. Corporate Policy you take out through your company, you can choose twin sharing room only
Bonus on No Claim: 5% increase in Sum Insured (max 50%)
Share Claim Payments: Full claim paid by Insurer. You pay 10% of hospital bill for Corporate Policy you take out through your company
Free Health Checkups: Health checkup permissible once after 4 claim free renewals, in designated network
Existing Illness waiting period: 4 years
Ambulance Charges: Up to Rs 2,000 per hospitalisation

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