Earning is just a fun now. Refer BDROX products and earn 20 Rs. per order when
our products are being sold through your reference.
You can refer our
products to any one. If anyone buy our products from any of the market places
like amazon, flipkart, meesho etc. , you can share order details to claim your
commission. Type “BDROX” and search in google to see our wide range
of products. You can also check our YouTube channel description section for
more details.

How to refer:-

1. Just create an account in

2. Your user login name is your reference code

3. Just fill below details to claim referral

Fill up details below to Claim Your Commission:-

Please note 20 Rs. you can claim for each order. In case you have referred multiple orders. You will get 20 Rs. each for all the orders your referred. You can mention all order IDs comma separated.

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